About Me

 Throughout my life, I have been drawn to geometric pattern, print and am a lover of all things created during the Art Deco period.  From silent screen goddesses captured in black and white to the architecture and abstract patterns of that time, I find constant inspiration.

I graduated in 1997 with a BA Hons in Fashion and became a lingerie designer at Courtaulds Lingerie.  During that time I met my husband and in 1999 we embarked upon a life changing trip to India.   The intense colours, fabrics and spirituality of India affected me profoundly and changed the course of my personal, work and creative life.

On returning to England, I became an artist in residence and worked with many different schools and ran various community projects across Norfolk and Essex.

Currently, one half of the week sees me teaching art. I also run after school art clubs and gifted and talented teen art groups in the evenings.  I find working with young people so rewarding and my years of teaching others have helped me grow as a creative individual.  The other half of the working week is spent in my workshop creating original artworks inspired by all things Art Deco.

I seem to be developing two completely different styles at the moment. My large acrylic portrait paintings are dedicated to influential women of the 1920’s and 30’s and include deconstructed geometric pattern. My other works using inks and watercolours are more illustrative and ethereal and aim to breathe life into beautiful Art Deco sculptures and forms.

 Original artwork and Giclée prints are available in my online shop.  



Daniel Jones Photography.